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       Sanrok Enterprises an ISO 9001-2000 certified firm is a leader in providing rail freight operators and car builders with innovative engineering products, services and solutions. From the permanent way to rolling stock, you’ll find a wide array of our products delivering solid performance, ensuring safety and enabling high axle load and high speed movement of goods and passenger traffic securely thus earning revenues for the operators. Trackwork products include long life rail pads and rail fastening systems, rail anchors and other track accessories. In addition, Sanrok Enterprises, offers a complete line of rolling stock products that include Automatic Twist Locks and Securing arrangement for Intermodal Containers, Brake parts conforming to UIC and AAR specifications, Insulation systems for energy saving and passenger comfort, Side Bearers, Side Buffers, Crash Buffers and High Capacity Draft Gears. Sanrok undertakes maintenance of rolling stock, supply of spare parts for various OE products, sourcing as well as the supply of machined castings, forgings and fabricated / sheet metal components. The people at Sanrok have been associated for a number of Patents and innovative solutions. 
      In addition Sanrok Enterprises also specializes in scouting / organising Technical Collaborations and Joint Ventures around the globe.
      As a responsible citizen of the world and in order to reduce the green house gas emission effect Sanrok Enterprises supplies reflective insulation systems for buildings, godowns, industrial sheds, malls, educational institutions etc to provide thermal insulation and reduce energy requirements and air conditioning loads. Also for the working class and lower strata of society who cannot afford air conditioners this reflective insulation provides comfort and enhances productivity especially in hot and tropical climates.
Sanrok Enterprises  provides consultancy services to various companies in India and abroad, for sourcing of components, technologies and scouting for Joint Venture Partners. The current turnover of the company is approx. US$ 3 million.     
Sanrok undertakes maintenance and reconditioning contracts from Railways, for various sub – assemblies fitted on the rolling stock.
●   Automatic Twist Locks
●   Rail Pads
●   Insulation & Cool Roof Systems
●   Air Brake Accessories
            Air Brake Hose Couplings
            Air Reservoir
            Angle Cocks
            Dual Chamber Reservoir
            Slack Adjusters
            Brake Cylinders
            Composition Brake Blocks

Automatic Twist Locks Rail Pads Insulation Systems Air Brake Accessories  Air Brake Hose Couplings Air Reservoir            Angle Cocks Dual Chamber Reservoir  Slack Adjusters Vacuum Brake Parts Brake Cylinders Composition Brake Blocks