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Brake Parts- Air Reservoir




At Sanrok we manufacture and supply Air Reservoirs for Air Brake Systems. An air reservoir for an air brake system is provided. The air reservoir includes a housing that has a first air chamber, a second air chamber, and a supply air chamber. A first valve is disposed between the supply air chamber and the first air chamber and is configured to allow air to flow from the supply air chamber to the first air chamber. A second valve is disposed between the supply air chamber and the second air chamber and is configured to allow air to flow from the supply air chamber to the second air chamber.

Design and Function

A compressed air brake system is divided into a supply system and a control system. The supply system compresses, stores and supplies high-pressure air to the control system as well as to additional air operated auxiliary truck systems (gearbox shift control, clutch pedal air assistance servo, etc.).

Supply system

The air compressor is driven off of the engine either by crankshaft pulley via a belt or directly off of the engine timing gears. It is lubricated and cooled by the engine lubrication and cooling systems. Compressed air is first routed through a series of cooling coils and into an air dryer. The dryer device removes moisture and oil impurities and also may include a pressure regulator and safety valve. As an alternative to the air dryer, the supply system can be equipped with an anti freeze device and oil separator. The compressed air is then stored in a storage reservoir (also called a primary tank) from which it is then distributed via way protection valves into the front and rear brake circuit air tanks, parking brake air tank and an auxiliary equipment air tank. The system also includes various check, pressure limiting, drain and safety valves.

Control system

The control system is further divided into two service brake circuits: the parking brake circuit and the trailer brake circuit. This dual brake circuit is further split into front and rear wheel circuits which receive compressed air from their individual reservoirs for added safety in case of an air leak. The service brakes are applied by means of a brake pedal air valve which regulates both circuits. The parking brake is the air operated spring brake type where its applied by spring force in the spring brake cylinder and released by compressed air via hand control valve. The trailer brake consists of a direct two line system: the supply line (marked red) and the separate control or service line (marked blue). The supply line receives air from the prime mover park brake air tank via a park brake relay valve and the control line is regulated via the trailer brake relay valve. The operating signals for the relay are provided by the prime mover brake pedal air valve, trailer service brake hand control (subject to a country's relevant heavy vehicle legislation) and the prime mover park brake hand control.


Brake Parts- Air Reservoir Brake Parts- Air Reservoir Brake Parts- Air Reservoir