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The main reason for heat build up in a building / sheds / godowns is due to radiation. The heat build up can be effectively reduced by providing reflective insulation as this product reflects the heat back (upto 97%) and does not allow flow of radiant heat inwards.

Radiant Barrier or Reflective Insulation is, in general, a layer of foil facing an airspace, installed in the envelope of a structure. Such systems are very effective in impeding radiant heat transfer and consequent heat loss / gain.

In order to reduce the Green House Gas Emission, save our Planet and mitigate Global Warming one of the major steps that can be taken is to reduce the effect of radiant heat build up in buildings by providing Cool Roofs and reflective insulation as Building / Wall wraps to eliminate heat flow inwards.

The radiant barrier works on a simple and proven principle. Heat, like light travels primarily by radiation and not by convection (air currents) or conduction (contact) and just like light, the flow of heat can be reversed by simple reflection.

Improving Solar Reflectivity of Roofs – Cool Roofs helps in reducing roof temperatures by 30 to 350 C, air conditioning loads, improves occupant comfort in non-conditioned space, earn carbon credits and helps in reducing Urban Heat Islands. Solar Reflectivity of roofs can be improved to 80% by pasting Durafoil with an adhesive. The ceiling temperature inside the room is reduced by up to 10�C on a hot day. Reflective foil Silver Ceil can be used as Building / Wall Wraps, in Cavity Walls and as under deck insulations to further reduce heat gain by buildings thereby reducing cooling energy loads by up to 20-25%. Pay back period less than 1 year due to savings in energy costs.
The main advantages of reflective insulation are:-

1. Reduces heat built up in buildings.
2. Helps in Energy Saving /Conservation AND reduces Peak Energy Demands.
3. Reduces Green House Gas Emissions.
4. Helps earn Carbon Credits, Leed Points and Green Building Certification.
5. Compliance to Energy Conservation Building Code - 2007.
6. Improves occupant comfort in Non-Conditioned Space.
7. Helps reduce city temperatures by 2 to 30 C – Reduce Urban Heat Islands.
8. Durafoil on rooftops also acts as a Water Proofing Membrane.
9. Improves roofing life and reduces re-roofing requirements.
10. Retrofitable on Existing Buildings, Heritage and Old Architecture.


Dura Foil

Reflective Insulation System - Silver Ceil complies with AS/NZS 4200:1, woven polypropylene with anti-oxidant superior tear resistance