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Insulation System -Metafoils :: Product Details
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MetaFoiltm has six layers :
  • Metallised Polyester – the same material used for sails of racing yachts
  • Woven Fibreglass Reinforcement
  • Heat – Resistant Adhesive
  • Aluminium Foil
  • Special Heat – Resistant Resilient Polymer Film

MetaFoiltm is used in insulating tiled, cemented, steel and fibre-cement roofs, for example in houses, industrial and commercial buildings, shops, public offices, godowns and railway platforms. In these stationary applications, durability of the product is much longer.

MetaFoiltm is also designed as insulation for railway coaches, trucks, buses and other vehicles. It is intended to have a minimum lifetime of five years on railway coaches even in the most extreme climates – ranging from the hot desert conditions of Central Australia to the extreme cold of New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

MetaFoiltm is easily and quickly fixed to cement, tiled, steel or fibre cement surfaces using a non-hazardous brush/spray-on adhesive. When it is time for normal scheduled refurbishment of the coach of other vehicle, the old MetaFoiltm is simply peeled off and replaced with a new layer.

MetaFoiltm thus effectively replaces painting, with an economical coating that saves labour, saves time, and can dramatically increase peoples comfort and help reduce AC operating costs.
Design Specifications:

MetaFoiltm was specifically developed in response to a need for a tough, reflective insulation that can withstand repeated thermal shocks and differential contraction between substrates and the surface of the product, as well as high UV exposure.

It has a relatively hard, non-reactive low-energy surface, on a resilient elastic polymer base.  MetaFoiltm is resistant to most oils and air pollution.


Reflective Insulation

MetaFoiltm has a tested emissivity of 0.03 (i.e. 97% reflective) to solar radiation. When installed on an upwards facing roof, it is estimated that MetaFoiltm will reduce solar heat gain by around 300 to 700 watts per square metre compared with typical external  paints.

Energy Savings

An experiment was jointly conducted by the University of New South Wales Sydney Australia, Sanrok Enterprises, India and Silver Batts, Australia to determine reduction in heat gain and energy savings and the results showed that in a well designed building with effective radiant heat barriers on walls and roofs the energy saving can be as high as 20-25%.

Tensile Strength and Water Barrier
MetaFoil achieves the following when tested under AS/NZS 4200.1 :
Machine Direction Tensile Strength     3.7 kN/m  
Lateral Direction Tensile Strength  3.2 kN/m  
Machine Direction Edge Tear Resistance 69N  
Lateral Direction Edge Tear Resistance 59 N  
Water Barrier    High  
UV Resistance


MetaFoiltm samples have been exposed to solar spectrum UV light equivalent to ten years exposure in Central Australia (which has one of the highest levels of UV irradiation in the world).


MetaFoiltm is manufactured in a standard width of 1200mm. It is also available in widths up 1650mm for special orders. The product is typically sold in 60 metre rolls. Other sizes supplied on request.


This Technical Data Sheet is provided for guidance only. No representations are made as to the durability of MetaFoiltm when exposed to mechanical or thermal stresses more severe than those normally encountered on buildings and railway coaches or when exposed to chemicals, including cleaning chemicals and pollutants.

It is assumed that users are technically proficient. Users are advised to satisfy themselves as to the actual physical properties of samples supplied and the suitability of the product for their specific application.

The liability of the manufacture is in all cases specifically limited to the replacement of the product or, at our discretion, refund of the ex-factory cost.

Manufactured in Australia by Silver Batts Insulation Systems


Metallised Polyester, Woven Fibreglass Reinforcement, Heat – Resistant Adhesive, Aluminium Foil, Special Heat – Resistant Resilient Polymer Film