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Insulation System - Silver Ceil :: Product Details
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SILVERCEIL is a seven-layer product with bright aluminum foil (tested to 97% reflectivity) on both sides. The substrate is an ultra-violet stabilized woven polypropylene with anti-oxidant, which provides superior tear resistance. It is corona-treated to ensure superior adhesion. The pressure- sensitive polymer adhesive used in this product remains tacky for an indefinite period in the design application and provides superior resistance to delamination compared with hot melt resins. It also results in a significantly lighter roll, as well as a smarter appearance, with equal strength and toughness. This is what we call Advanced Laminating Technology.


 SILVERCEIL is designed for use as an insulation product to be installed over ceiling joists or to the underside  of rafters where a sarking is used above the rafters. It is suitable for use in all regions of India and Australia in residential and commercial buildings. (Note: SILVERCEIL is not designed for use as a sarking material directly under a roof.)


When installed facing an air space SILVERCEIL is a barrier to radiant heat, keeping buildings cool in summer and warm in winter, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For indicative R values in accordance with AS/NZS 4859.1 for a particular application, please read the manufacturer’s relevant Technical Bulletin.

Weather proofing

SILVERCEIL provides a durable barrier that seals out salt and lead polluted air, damp,drafts, heat and high  humidity.


Reflective Insulation System - Silver Ceil complies with AS/NZS 4200:1, woven polypropylene with anti-oxidant superior tear resistance